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My Love…My Dream

Often my dreams are filled with you presence,

My waking hours with you scent

How often have I felt your presence near me?

I do not know, it seems like every breath I breathe,

Often I think of you like a feather in my life,untitled

Weightless, steadily falling, showing me the path

Swaying in my breath of love,

Forever, making my life worthwhile

It is a whole world come alive in your eyes

When you look at me and smile,

It feels so long since I felt this way

Holding on to the cliff, with the wind I sway,

The trees sway with me, as a comforting gesture

I hang on anticipating the fall,

Still dreaming of us greying, our changing texture

I look on as you hold your hand out,

Meeting it at a distance, I see a hand and I shout

“You were my dream, oh what banality”

I let go of it, hitting the ground

Blood flows around me as I lose my sense of certainty

My love…My dream.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Life Is Elsewhere….

My existence, subdued by chaos

My hope and dreams by a waiting for tomorrow

That never shows itself

A tree gazes at me, I look on

Water droplets on my facesohrab-hura_life-is-elsewhere_angkor_05-pix-600

Hope they will wash away the illusive past, I stand there


Always thinking, that life is elsewhere

My life, confounded by riddles

My aspiration washed away by dreams

No traces I find

Wind gently pushing me, I stand on

Listening to the whispers of the coming future


Always thinking, that life is elsewhere

My present, consumed by hopelessness

My desires start to ignite a spark

Life wobbles, back in me again

My blurry eyes see the horizon

My hopes and aspiration come alive within me

I shrug,

I know

I know, my life is elsewhere

Somewhere with you, besides me

A Woman’s Touch

Tossing and turning, staring aloof

Waking and yearning, looking for, the

Woman in awe

The journey of life I have been travelling too long,

Have come thus far, all alone

The burden of solitude is weighing me downcomputer-service-a-womans-touch-3

Something I thus far had consigned to forgetfulness

Often wondering whether

I am destined to be condemned,

To that fate of Sisyphus

I will never know.

The forgetfulness of living,

The banality of exuberance,

The draining of gumption,

I can bear no more.

It feels as if I were nearing the end,

Alas! Life has not been so kind unto me

I can only respond in kind, with a shrug

I wonder if, I will have to slink towards my destiny

And heal myself, with

The woman’s touch


The sound of flowing water I hear

On a gloomy day, amidst a forlorn mood

Incising my soul, neatly into half

A glimpse I see of my deepest desires and hopes

Not very pleasant thing I meet on my glance within

The stench makes me hold my breath

The maggots of sins nibbling at my soul

It is my worst nightmare I see alive within me

I had struggled to create a heaven outside, I think

So ended, with a hell within

My chase after glory

The vanities in life leave me


By the sound of the flowing water

Reminiscing on what I could and set out to be

Showing me only a mirror of what I had become

My soul eaten away by- lies, deceit and lust

Oh! What haven have I created?

I have lost myself, my soul within

Thinking heaven would be a pleasant sight.


Sitting on the window ledge,

Watching the rain drop and fall,

Listening to them tinkering upon the tin,

Makes me reminisce

My thoughts dissipating towards melancholy,

As if, it was the saddest tune I have heard,121306raindrops

A glimmer of hope awaiting my future

A future which is in my past and of my present

A drop of rain falling to the ground scatters

Reminding me of times gone by

The life I dreamed of long ago

Of ideals and greatness

Of understanding and compassion


I forfeit to the vanities in life

The exuberance of youth, falling

Freely from great heights

The will to learn an appetite to live

Enthusiasm for death

The gumption now lost, consigned to oblivion

All of it seems an eternity, watching the rain drop and fall…

Walking on air

Standing naked, on the wharf

Sounds of silence, beckon my thought

I wonder, at the wonder, of

Where will the horizon finally meet?

Droplets of water, on my face

Sound of water against the rocks

Fill my mind with serene thoughts,

Of calm composure, near death bliss

Retiringly I am walking on air,

Some of the moments I steal away

For comfort during troubled times

Others I let them pass away



When you think it has happened love_at_first_sight_by_angeliq

It feels sublime

When you think you are in it

The feelings so profound

When you know it has happened

The world seems like a lovely place

Devoid of unhappiness and suffering

When you know you are in it

That becomes real, reality an illusion


While it lasts you drown yourself in it

Not wanting to let go of it

Like a lunatic always staring at nothing

It does start to wear away

The bits dropping the pain increasing

The collage revealing itself slowly, again

While it is fading you still have faith

It fades away forming the full picture

When it’s over you cry and behave like a lunatic

The world seems lonely and abandoned

You even more so

You just sit there remembering those moments,

Accusing yourself of those happy memories


The lunatic stares at you and laughs

Born in discontent,  consigned to oblivion

It seems like schizophrenia

You choose to call it love…