About Me

My name is Vidyut Jain.I grew up in a small town of Darjeeling in India. Not having had the privilege of material benefits, I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to ideas. I was taught from my very early childhood to reason in case of a dispute rather than use force, and this has been a continuing influence in my adult life. Although my parents were simple in thought and lifestyle, they had their priorities set for my sisters and me. My father was very clear about our education requirements, and this, in turn, taught me the dignity of hard work.

I was fortunate to have attended one of India’s finest educational institutions, St.Paul’s School, Darjeeling, an all boys’ boarding school. It was there that I encountered the freedom to think and act.

I gained admission to St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi, I studied philosophy and revelled in the vibrant academic forum. I loved my new politically and socially active environment, filled with seminars, talks and discussions, interesting personalities and unconventional minds. I became aware of our polity and its politics, society, religions, and above all, the underlying assumptions that made up who I was. These assumptions are what I learned to question most, often leading to an ideological crisis within. I had to try and build a new foundation; it was painful, though fruitful.

I then went on to pursue a MA in Public Policy from the Jindal school of government and public policy, Sonipat.

I am part of the Liberal Movement in India embodied by the Freedom Team of India ,a leadership forum and the newly formed Swarna Bharat party ( http://www.swarnabharat.in ), of which I am the founding Joint secretary. I aspire to public office and hope to bring about meaningful reforms in India in the coming years.

Besides reading, I enjoy playing the guitar, listening to music, travelling, listening to public speeches and analysing them for inconsistencies and fallacies.

You can get in touch at vidyutjain@gmail.com.


The views expressed by me in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views held and propagated by the Swarna Bharat Party


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